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About us

In 1998, after thirty years of experience in the sector, Urbano Corradossi founded Archeo in the European Green Capital of Pistoia, Italy.

Inspired by the ancient traditions of Impruneta terracotta, the family-owned company is committed to production of the finest handcrafted terracotta pottery.

Inimitable Impruneta clay is used to make uniquely coloured products that are extraordinarily resistant to frost and weathering.

Vases, amphora, flower pots, jars and various other pottery items are made with careful research and constant collaboration with architects and landscape designers.

Traditional pottery forms are produced alongside modern and contemporary lines, such as in the collection of anthracite grey items. Flexibility and direct control of every aspect of production are the great strengths of Archeo.

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Amphores and Jars - Pots - Wall Pots - Cylinders, Cachepot and Bowls
Box - Ornaments - Fountains - Bases, Feets and Saucers - Animals

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